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The current economic climate makes doing business increasingly more competitive. Those companies that expect to survive must maintain an acceptable balance between resources that generate income and those devoted to monitoring and reporting financial activities. It is becoming increasingly more important that small businesses measure their financial health as well as monitor the extent of their compliance with applicable regulations and reporting requirements. The effectiveness of financial controls and the performance of fiduciary responsibilities is particularly important to newly formed entities.

Marshall Consulting Services LLC (MCS) plays an integral role in helping small businesses improve the quality of their financial accounting and reporting systems. The MCS team is made up of highly qualified bookkeepers, accountants, tax and administrative professionals. Our mission and primary focus is to provide professional accounting and business support services as a viable means to effectively monitor your business’ financial health.

Our vision is to positively impact your business by using improved technology, established business models and industry best practices that make operating your business more productive and profitable.

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